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Department of Otolaryngology


News Roundup

       We are pleased to inform you that Professor Yaqut Dogheim has been offered and accepted the position of Head of the Otolaryngology Department, U. of Alexandria.. Dr. Dogheim has assumed this responsibility, on August 1st, 2004.

    The staff of the Department of Otolaryngology are very pleased that Dr. Dogheim has accepted this responsibility and believe he will provide outstanding leadership for the educational, clinical and research components of the department.. We would like to thank Prof. A. M. Talaat for the outstanding and fruitful period during which he acted as the head of the Otolaryngology Department and wish him all the happiness and success in his career as a very distinguished and active staff member of our department..

Our Mission

The Department of Otolaryngology at Alexandria university Faculty of Medicine is strongly focused on the importance of high quality academic and clinical training of residents and medical students and the delivery of compassionate, up-to-date health care. Emphasis is placed on academic achievement and consultation in clinical matters across all aspects of the specialty of Otolaryngology.


Our Mission

1) To provide primary, secondary and tertiary health care in otolaryngology to all seeking such help.

2) To maintain state-of-the-art and balanced clinical programs so that graduates are more than adequately prepared to practice in any medical setting.

3) To expose residents to excellent teaching and research processes and to direct them in their pursuit of research interests so that upon graduation they will possess the confidence and credentials to consider academic medicine as a career choice.

4) To familiarize medical students with the specialty so as to provide them with a competent basic education in primary ENT care, implying various modern teaching tools including academic lecturing, clinical rounds, multimedia presentations.

5) To maintain and develop a well balanced student and post-graduate level-assessment prcedures including clinical, oral, operative, MCQ examinations as well as practical testing using radiologic material, pathologic specimens, temporal bone and other cadaveric anatomical specimens, histopathologic slides audiologic, ABR and ENG graphs etc..

6) To encourage post-graduate training programs for fellows and residents and to provide post-Graduate training opportunities and continuing medical education through departmental courses, meetings and conferences.

7) To increase the levels of academic, clinical, and research collaborations with other departments in Alexandria Faculty of Medicine and the university at large, as well as with other non-Egyptian Otolaryngologic departments and organizations.



Department of Otolaryngology


Welcome to Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery web page. We hope you will find what you're looking for in regard to whom we are, what we do and how we might be of help to you

In otolaryngology, the delivery of services can be particularly advantageous in a specialty facility. The Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery at Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine provides complete otolaryngology care for children and adults. Our staff includes sub-specialists in head and neck surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, pediatric otolaryngology, neurotology, skull-base surgery, laryngology, audiology,and speech pathology   who work together as a team to coordinate every component of medical care.

 We have a long history of excellence, with countless advances, accomplishments, and achievements over the past half-century. Our skilled faculty, residents, and staff are committed to providing patients with the highest quality health care, advancing medical knowledge, and the highest quality medical training for residents.

We invite you to explore our Website to learn more about our commitment to excellence, and we encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments.