F- Sphenoidotomy

In traditional Messerklinger FESS technique, the sphenoid sinus is entered through the posterior ethmoid and not through its natural drainage via its ostium in the spheno-ethmoidal recess.

The sphenoid sinus can also be approached through the superior meatus or the spheno-ethmoid recess. As mentioned before, it is better to drain the sphenoid sinus endonasally through its natural ostium and therefore follow the natural pathway of its mucociliary drainage pathway.

Slide Show 3 illustrates the different techniques to drain the sphenoid sinus.

Video 31 illustrates Endonasal Sphenoidotomy with cold instruments .


Video 31 "EN Sphenoidotomy with Cold Instruments"


Video 32 & Video 33  illustrate Endonasal Sphenoidotomy with cold instruments on left and right side respectively for a patient with sphenoiditis and nasal polyps.


             Video 32 "EN Sphenoidotomy with Cold Instruments, Left S."                  Video 33 "EN Sphenoidotomy with Cold Instruments, Right S."


Video 34 illustrates Endonasal Sphenoidotomy with powered instruments.


     Video 34 "EN Sphenoidotomy with Powered Instruments"



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